Selected Court Of Appeal Decisions

 Selected Court Decisions - 2003
File No. 02/2003 (Review of Constitutionality), Court of Appeal (30 June 2003) anticipatory review of the constitutionality of Parliamentary Law on Immigration and Asylum

File No. 16/PID. C.G./2001/PD.Dili Armando dos Santos v. The Prosecutor General, Court of Appeal, (15 July 2003)

Criminal Offence no. 03/2002 A Dissenting Opinion Concerning the Law Applied in the Case of Agustinho da Costa v. The Prosecutor General, Court of Appeal (18 July 2003)
Case No.18a/2001 Decision on the Defence (Domingos Mendonca) motion for the Court to order the Public Prosecutor to amend the indictment (24 July 2003)
File No. 50/03 The Prosecutor appeals to the Court of Appeal against that Panel’s decision to reject the indictment presented against Domingos Amati and Francisco Matos and order the release of the Accused. (9 December 2003). 

 Selected Court Decisions - 2004
Process no.29/04 The Public Prosecutor v. Paulino de Jesus, Court of Appeal ( 4 November 2004), Appeal sustained, Special Panel decision over-turned and Defendant found guilty.
Case no. 46/04  An appeal was lodged with the Court of Appeal by the Dili District Prosecution Unit against a decision issued by an investigating judge from the Dili District Court not to place the defendant Alberto Antonio de Oliveira Pires in pre-trial detention

 Selected Court Decisions - 2005
Case no. 01A/2004  The Public Prosecutor v. Josep Nahak (1 March 2005). Special Panel decision on adjudication that the defendant was not competent to stand trial due to mental disturbance.
File No.01/2005 (Review of Constitutionality), Court of Appeal ( 9 May 2005) anticipatory review of the constitutionality of Bill approved by Parliament on Freedom of Assembly and Demonstration.
File no 10/INTER/CO/2005/TR (Review Case) Court of Appeal (16 September 2005) Policarpo dos Santos Pereira v Investigation judge of Dili District Court.

 Selected Court Decisions - 2006
FILE NO 10/2006 ( Review Pre-Trail detention of Alfredo Alves Reinado) Court of Appeal (September 2006). Review the decision of Investigating Judge on the case of Alfredo Alves Reinado and others.
FILE NO DIV/01/2006 (Review of the Application of the Law) Court of Appeal (September 2006) Review the Implementation of the article 38-51 Penal Procedure Code in Rogerio Tiago Lobato, case.

 Selected Court Decisions - 2007
FILE NO 16/CO/2007/TR (Review Case) Court Of Appeal (10 May 2007) Decision of the Appeal from Ex- Minister of Interior Rogerio Tiago Lobato.
FILE NO 01/PCC/2007/TR (Review of Constitutionality) Court of Appeal (24 March 2007) Anticipatory review of the Constitutionality of article 1 Alteration Law No 7/2006.
FILE NO 01/PREP/2007/TR (Review CNE decision) Court of Appeal (29 March 2007) The President Candidate Francisco Guterres, Appeal on the decision by CNE regard to ballot paper.
FILE NO 02/PREP/2007 ( Review CNE decision) Court of Appeal ( 20 April 2007) Three President Candidate, Francisco Xavier do Amaral, Fernando “Lasama” de Araujo, and Lucia Maria Brandão Freitas Lobato Appeal on the decision by CNE regard to the temporary  result of first around of Presidential Election.
FILE 02/ACC/2007 Court of Appeal decision on the verification of the constitutionality of the Law of the National Parliament "On Truth and Measures of Clemency for Diverse Offences"

 Selected Court Decisions - 2008
CASE 03/2008    Court of Appeal decision on the constitutionality of Decree-Law 22/2008 on the Economic Stability Fund (ESF).
Court Appeal Decision 04/2008 Abstract Review of Constitutionality and Legality of Law No. 12/2008.
Court of Appeal Directive-08-2008  Successive of National Judges in the Court of Appeal

Court of Appeal Proc No. 01/P.Cautelar/2008  Ruling of the Court of Appeal on Judge Ivo Rosa's Petition of Temporary Injunction

Case no. 95/CO/2008/TR  The judges making up the Court of Appeal meet in a closed session

Proc. no. 20-CRM.C-2008-TD.BCU  Common Process, at the District Court of Baucau
Court of Appeal  Proc No. 01-P.Cautelar-2008
 Selected Court Decisions - 2009

Proceeding No, 01/ELC/09/TR (2a) – Decision of the Panel of Judges of the Court of Appeals composed of Claudio Ximenes, José Luis da Goia and António Gonçalves

Directive No. 07-2009 of the Court of Appeal
 Selected Court Decisions - 2010
Proceeding no. 01/IPP/X/2010/TR and 02/IPP/X2010/TR: Definitive Registration Of Two Political Parties, LPA Party – Partido Liberta Povo Aileba and PTT Party – Partido Trabalhista Timorense.